TV Review:Smallville: Turbulence

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Tonight, Clark makes a big step, Doomsday plays vigilante, Jimmy learns to love painkillers and Chloe cries a lot...

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Tonight's episode felt...mixed. I know there had to be reasons for the spotty episode (After all, you have to have Clark in every episode, right?), but the bits with Clark and Miss Teschmacher... I mean Tess... just didn't work for me. She sets a trap for Clark to make him reveal his powers, he cuts her oxygen in return. Doesn't quite seem fair....

The Jimmy subplot (actually the main plot) where he alternately hallucinates Doomsday and Davis (apparently his subconscious has made connections that his morphine addled brain hasn't yet) is more interesting, and definitely more dramatic.... well drama filled.

Nobody does weepy like Allison Mack- but honestly, I had no sympathy for her character tonight. Jimmy was right- she doesn't ever take his side. Ever. I do like the Olsen-Sullivan couple, but she definitely needed to hear how she's perpetually left Jimmy out to dry.

Not a bad ep. Not a great one... but we have Zatanna to look at... I mean 'forward to' next week. This could be fun...