TV REVIEW:Smallville: Injustice

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Poor, poor Tom Welling. He's getting typecast as Superman without even the benefit of wearing the suit- and his directorial career is being stunted with episodes like this.

There was a good episode in here trying desperately to escape.

Let's take a look at it, shall we?

Clark confronts Tess about the pot-stirring that she's starting, turning the Daily Planet a pale color of yellow. Tess tells Clark that if he'd just get OFF the pot, then there'd be no need.

Both of them have valid points.

He splits when he hears Chloe call for help... he runs out to get her; finding her in the middle of the Blair Witch woods...

(Somebody saaaaaavvee meeeeee)

Clark opens one of the many trap doors in the barn (making me think that Jonathan Kent must've been runnin' 'shine... or something) and pulls out the Phantom Zone Crystal. Chloe comes in and asks him his plan--- he plans on having Oliver steal Black Kryptonite to separate Davis from Doomsday and sending the Doomsday half into the Phantom Zone.

Ollie takes his assignment rather seriously; attempting to seduce Tess to get fingerprints so he can access her wall safe.... then attempting to seduce her AFTER the theft...

Oh yeah. Tess has assembled LiveWire, Neutron (??), Plastique and Parasite into a team (the never named Injustice League) to hunt down, but not necessarily kill him. They are obviously outclassed, as Doomsday takes out Neutron off-screen... and his entrails leak out onscreen. (Geez... what's with the gore lately?) LiveWire thinks that Tess has betrayed them... well, Tess makes that supposition come true.

(Irritating: Tess offs LiveWire, one of the more entertaining villians culled from the Superman Animated series. It may be a mercy putting her in the grave, though. The live action version is nowhere near as fun as the animated one)

When the bodies are discovered- Chloe is freaked. She knew these kids from when she was a prisoner of Luthor waay back at the beginning of the season( or was that last season?). She runs out to the car... Is she a member of the Injustice League, too?

Clark evenutally catches up to her at the watchtower, and asks her why she's acting out of character... well, Tess kills her by remote control before she can tell him... and she's not Chloe, but Eva the Shapeshifter.

Clark runs after the two remaining IL'ers, and is surprised that when they learn of the betrayal, that they want revenge... He tries to talk them out of it, and just gets his powers stolen by Parasite for his troubles.

The IL heads to Smallville to kill Tess, and end up knocking out a nekkid* Green Arrow (Remember the Black Kryptonite Caper? In a clever move, when Green Arrow was about to be discovered--- he uncovered--- stripping naked and slipping into Tess' Bed. )

Clark can't run to the rescue, so Dr. Hamilton loans him a Ferrari....
He gets to the Luthor mansion just in time to get his butt kicked. Green Arrow saves self-same butt with a Green Ring... NO! He's not become a Green Lantern, he has Lex's kryptonite ring. In true comic book logic, if Parasite has Clark's powers, he also has his weaknesses. (Yes, it's a non-sequitur). Ollie wraps things up, Clark gets his powers back,.....

And then we have the speechifying.
I thought it was clever that they've substituted Green Arrow for Batman in the Justice League, Jr. Unfortunately, Ollie (even as well as he's portrayed here) is no Bruce. Somehow, lefty Queen doesn't quite pull off the "We do what we have to" as well as Batman would... or heck, even Green Lantern. And Clark has been making the same "We do what's right" speech for half the season. And we get four or five iterations of the same speech throughout this episode. Okay! I get it! Clark's moral!

Geez. If you thought my synopsis was a bit disjointed, it's because I omitted all the freakin' speeches. I mean, I was starting to look around for Shatner. "We... must notkill... or we... will become justlikeourenemies..."

I sensed a theme... but it was buried under the Greek Chorus.

Next week: Looks like some good action, finally. I saw most of the baby JL and at least Rok from the Legion in the previews. Lots of characters, maybe less speechifying.

*If you're not from the South, 'Naked' is unclothed; 'Nekkid' is unclothed and up to something....