TV REVIEW:LOST: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham (SPOILERS)

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Tonight, we get the complete life story of Jeremy Bentham, the alter ego of John Locke. From his birth in Tunisia to his death in Los Angeles, Mr. Bentham failed miserably in bringing the O-6 back to the island....

But we knew that, didn't we? So what DIDN'T we know?

Spoilers ahead

Well, somehow Widmore seems to believe that he was the leader of the Others (only they weren't 'Others' to him...) and that John needs to bring everybody back to the island before a war starts.

This is puzzling, though. Apparently everybody who knows anything about the island agrees that the O-6 need to go back. Unless they're a kid who escaped the island... which is why John didn't tell Walt (!!!) to go back to the island. Or Aaron, who doesn't talk much.

Sayid is doing charity work in the Dominican Republic (Huh? Where did THAT come from?), so 'Jeremy' leaves him alone.

Hurley is nuts, Jack is angry, Kate is heartsick..... and 'Bentham' fails to convince a single one to come back; even though it's obvious EVEN TO THEM that there's unfinished business with the island.

So, he decides to hang himself- and Ben talks him out of it, long enough to get the secret to returning to the island, at which point Ben kills Bentham

But doesn't kill Locke. We see Locke very much alive on the island at the beginning of the episode, and at the end.

But Bentham is very dead, Ben isn't feeling too good himself and the O-6 'raptured' out of the plane before it crashed.

Analysis and questions
(Yeah, I'm doing a less enigmatic review tonight than I normally do, as Republibot 3 might take a while to get his views up.)

1)The name Bentham is a particularly cruel joke- (Go ahead. Follow the link. I'll still be here) A proto-socialist who believed firmly in free will, the Jeremy Bentham that Locke becomes is locked into his destiny to become a sort of auto-icon himself.
1b)This is the first episode where the LOST naming convention is referenced- did Widmore doom Locke by taking the prerogative of the Island to choose identities?

2)Abaddon gets people to places they are supposed to go. This seems nearly supernatural, and it is stated that Widmore, through Abaddon, had a part in getting Locke to the island. How many other Oceanic survivors were chosen by Widmore? Come to think of it, how many of the CURRENT crop of crash survivors were chosen by Widmore?

3)Ben is back to being that sociopath that we've all grown to love. I think that the candles and the prayers may've been for Locke...

4)Anybody know which Dharma station Cesar discovered? My, that was fast.

5)License plates seemed significant tonight, but I didn't catch the numbers.
6) There is no six.
7)There seemed to be a thread of identity running through this one- and oddly enough, though it's been percolating under the surface throughout the whole series, the question is finally directly asked "How important can a man be if fate controls everything?" (Okay, not in those exact words- but the question is FINALLY asked) Is John Locke special? How exactly CAN he be special if the decisions made are not up to him?

I honestly think that his question may very well be a question (if not THE question) at the heart of LOST... but we'll talk about that some more in the Roundtable tomorrow.

Although a good episode with some nice reveals- there seemed to be a bit of a disconnect. It was good to see Walt again, but other than that- we knew most of this stuff. Well, the manner of Bentham's death was surprising, but very much in character.