TV Review:LOST: Follow The Leader (Season 5 Ep 15/101)

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Tonight's review is going to be brief... partly because there's not a lot to comment directly on, but also because I got some Republi-bifocals this evening and am having a hard time seeing to work. So...

I'm jumping straight to observations... go watch the ep on Hulu or something, it's worth it.

Observations: Richard really doesn't age, and doesn't have nearly the clue that you'd think he'd have. So his remarkable presence of mind seems to be the result of Locke telling him what to do...

Jacob is on John's hit list? Well, now. That's rather interesting. After John destroys the technological center of the island, is he now going to unmoor it spiritually?

Jack has bought into Faraday's theory- he hopes to erase the last three years. So does Sayid. Kate, not so much.

Sawyer and Juliet, sitting in a sub... do they really think the island will let them leave? Especially with their freckled companion?

The sub docks in Ann Arbor?????? Since when does the U of M have access to... water?

Okay... that's about all the disorientation I can stand.... More to come. Remember LOST is on an hour early next week for it's two hour season finale. Wouldn't want you to miss it.