TV Review:Batman(TBATB):Fall of the Blue Beetle (spoiler lite)

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Okay. They had a hook and I bit, hard.
The Ted Kord version of the Blue Beetle has never been seen in animation due to rights issues springing from the sale of the character to DC from Charlton comics back in the '70's. So, for fans of the character, like your faithful Republibot 2, when I saw that the character would be featured in the new Batman (The Brave and The Bold) episode-- I was really enthusiastic...

Well, I was until we got to the middle of this episode.

To recap, briefly- Jamie Reyes, the new Blue Beetle, is investigating his predecessor in the role, Ted Kord. He eventually discovers an technologically advanced island with a hermit-like scientist in charge, named Kord.

And about here, I felt rather betrayed. Up until this point, the episode had been extremely respectful to the legacy of the Blue Beetle- heck, there were nods to just about everything in Ted Kord's life except his crush on Barbara Gordon. Even Dan Garrett (the 'Golden Age' Blue Beetle) has a few frames of homage. Making Ted the apparent villain of the episode infuriated me.

But I watched on, and let the story unfold, and I realized that I'd been played. This episode was written for people like me- fans of the Blue Beetle. Ted's titular fall was touching, as was the way Batman handled passing on his remembrance of the prior Blue Beetle to Jaime.

Yeah. I was played like a violin. And I'm rather happy I was.