TV REVIEW:BATMAN (TBATB):Journey to the center of the Bat!

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Now THAT was a fun ride!
As usual, this will be spoiler light, because you still have a chance to see the encore this morning on Cartoon Network.

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The teaser on this episode lowered my expectations. Although it had some nifty site gags, I'm not a huge fan of either Plastic Man or Elongated Man... and since they were obviously playing this bit for laughs, I sighed and went along with it. I wasn't particularly amused by the "Batman loves ME more" bickering between two glorified rubber bands... and in the punch line, apparently neither was Batman.
Roll opening credits....
In the main feature, we find Aquaman calling a doctor, and not just any doctor- The Atom! And by his look and costume design, I believe this to be the most recent iteration, the 'Ryan Choi' version. Batman is sick and apparently growing crystals out of his body, and so "Fantastic Voyage" style- Atom and Aquaman go swimming through the Batman's body to cure him of his spikes, while Batman tries to stop Chemo ( a rather disgusting villian) from stealing a nuke for his current boss.

At this point, I have to comment on the very tight script by Matt Wayne. It includes nice parallelism, great characterization, wit and grit and humor. The voice talent (with the exception of Elongated Man's bravura baritone (?!?)) was exceptional in delivering Mr. Wayne's words as well.

When The Brain showed up, the Republibotlets were thrilled. "It's the French Dalek!" they crowed. And a few minutes later, we were treated to a funny and logical predicament for a spiky Batman and a French Dalek.

Meanwhile, in a parallel battle, The Atom and Aquaman (an odd team up in any sense of the word, but here it works really well) find a white blood cell steed, a reason to fight and a great story to tell. (Watch it, it will make sense)

The last scene carries a punchline and a dilemma for the diminutive duo- and for an in character answer "Maybe Superman can give Batman some tips..."

Yes, watch it...