TV Review:Batman: The Brave and the Bold:Mystery in Space!

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Batman deals with two slightly manic-depressive superheroes and defeats an alien invasion on another world (Is it really an alien invasion if you are the alien)? in this weird, all-over-the-place season opener.

The Plot: Batman is called to Rann, the adopted home of Adam Strange for some silver age nuttiness, and Batman drags a depressed Aquaman along, because nothing says fun like morose Sea King.

We meet Adam Strange, who spouts some of the WORST 'silver age' dialog that I have ever heard, and his wife, who spouts slightly better dialog. Aquaman is still 'all woe is me'...


They defeat the bad guys by even more ridiculous silver age doubletalk devices, and Aquaman is brought out of his depression by Batman telling him that a particular whaling tragedy wasn't his fault.


Oh yeah. Teaser hero was The Question,( one of my faves) in a forgettable outing. I like the Question, but on this micro adventure, he was nearly useless. You could've substituted any of a dozen heroes in the slot and it would've made no difference.

I like the show. I like silver age stuff, but for some reason this ep just felt like sandpaper to the funcooker*.

Never been much for Adam Strange. The comic he's associated is called "Mystery in Space", hence the title of the episode- even though there's no mystery, and more water than space.

After the excellent last few episodes, I guess we can forgive a clunker. But this episode definitely clunked.

*Apparently 'funcooker' is now a mandated euphemism. Who'd've thunk?