TV Review: Smallville:Hex

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Tonight we saw the introduction of yet another DC hero into the Smallville universe:Zatanna Zatarra, the Mistress of Magic. So, how did her translation from the comics to the small screen work?

Pretty darn well...

When we first see her, she's in her trademark fishnets and top hat, granting Chloe a birthday wish: She wants Lois Lane's life. In an oddly NON cliche'd twist, Lois and Chloe do NOT switch bodies, Chloe just gets Lois's.... attributes; which are apparently fairly hard to dress using Chloe's wardrobe.

Zatanna is looking for a book that belonged to her father, famous mystic John Zatarra. She goes to Oliver Queen, who she suspects may have access to it-- well, he doesn't ... at least not directly.

After Chloe gets tired of her back pain, she decides to take Clark to see the Fishnetted One to get her wish reversed. Ooooh. Twist. The wish only goes away when you REALLY want it to. And then Clark gets his wish, and forgets he's Super.

(Oh Puh-leeze moment number one: Haven't we already established that he's too responsible for this particular wish?)

Turns out that Zee wants the book to resurrect her Daddy. This is a bad thing. Oliver, after stealing the book for Zatanna, tries to stop her. She says something backwards (yay!) and steel chains come out of nowhere and chain Ollie to a lightpost.

She takes the book to the top of the Planet. (The Daily Planet, not the Arctic Circle) and begins the spell to bring Daddy back to the land of the living. Clark gets an inspirational speech from Lois/Chloe and leaps a tall building in a single bound. Not flying yet, just leaping really high. He tells Zee that he has dead Daddy issues too, but that's no reason to make a glowy ball on the roof of the Planet.

In one of the episodes three endings, Zatanna offers her services to the proto-Justice League.

In another one of the episode's endings, Clark and Lois do yet another Pas de deux.

In the most surprising of the three endings, it looks like Chloe is running the Watchtower(!) as an oddly Oracle(!!!!) like character.

In one of the early scenes, we see quite a different side of Clark. He's still a good guy, but he has a harder, more professional edge. I liked this...

Erica (Lois) Durance turns in a serviceable performance as Chloe.

Zatanna was pretty note-on-perfect. She had the look, she could speak backwards... Worked for me.

The Junior Justice League is taking shape... I wish that Warner's would let a young 'Bruce Wayne' on the show-- but at this point (not without a note of irony) he'd look like an Oliver Queen wannabe.

Overall, fun episode. Next week, it starts to hit the fan, methinks. Doomsday.