TV REVIEW: "Smallville": The Episode from March 12, 2009

Sam White
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This was the best episode I have ever seen of "Smallville"!

OK, I may not be the most qualified person to make that judgement as I think in the first 6 years of the show I saw about four complete episodes. Then, last year, every time I'd try to watch it they were showing the same episode.

Anyway, in this episode a wonderfully slimy Tori Spelling (who I, normally, can't stand as an actress but she parlayed my natural dislike for her into a dislike I think everyone can share!) played a character who's super power is that she can turn into water and go down the drain. Yes, I know that sounds like something off of Letterman's "Top Ten Least Impressive Super Powers" list, but it apparently allowed her to learn some things while in the sewer. Namely, that Clark Kent is [spoiler alert] some kind of man with super powers ... a super man, if you will.

Besides having an aversion (I'm assuming) to oil, Tori's main vice is an overwhelming ego. One that she would like to have stroked by becoming the world's most famous reporter. So she threatens to expose Clark's powers to the world unless he lets her write the story of his life--and then follow him around endlessly writing more stories about every little good deed he does.

Clark, wisely, realizes this isn't a good idea and, so, scoops her by giving the story to Lois Lane instead (played by the almost ridiculously beautiful Erica Durrance). At first, it seems like a good idea. Everybody loves Clark and he's a hero. But then Lake (that's Spelling's character--Lake, get it? She turns into water? Never mind.) pops up telling everyone that it's a lie and Clark is just the advance man of a force that's coming to enslave earth. Suddenly, the NSA and everyone else are all over Clark and he has to flee for his life.

I can't tell you any more without giving away some major spoilers, so let me just say that Clark's solution to the problem is to roll tape on "Superman 2".