TV REVIEW: Kings: Insurrection

I cannot get over how consistently excellent this show is. There's a magic to the language, to the performances, to the plotting, to the cinematography--- all far better than we deserve.

Tonight is no exception. King Silas faces an insurrection and sends David in to quell it singlehandedly.

If that were the whole story, it'd still be compelling. However, add into the mix Silas' plans AROUND the insurrection, The Queen's observations, The King's loss, The Prince's machinations and the Princess's uncanny ability to get to the wrong place at the wrong time, and WOW.

You'd think that a show with so much packed into it would feel cramped, but it doesn't. It accomplishes it's wheels within wheels plotlines with great economy and without talking down to the audience.

Silas WANTED the insurrection to flush out the traitors in his government. He wanted to appear aloof and unresponsive to the residents of Port Prosperity to embolden his enemies. His sending David in to quell the rebellion was a deliberate under- response to fan the flames. Amazingly well played.

David has betrayed his family for his king. His speech at the 'rally' was very well done, though. I liked the phrase "If I could give up our land to bring my father and my brother back, I would" and that the transfer of Port Prosperity to Gath was about saving lives, not land.

Prince Jack and his Uncle continue to scheme, but get outplayed at every hand. Silas knows what's going on, but lets them play their own little kingmaking game.

And General Nathan? Et tu, Brutus?

I don't think it's an episode of Kings unless everybody has been betrayed at least once.

Highly recommended.