TV REVIEW: Dollhouse:"Stage Fright"

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Echo plays Kevin Costner ala "The Bodyguard", except Whitney goes and gets Echo's sidekick fan-napped.

"And Eyyyeyeyeyeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeyeeeeeeeeeee will aaalwaaays love yeeeeeeeewwwwweeeeeweoeowwewwwwwwee"

Not very spoilery stuff ahead.

I actually almost liked it.
I think it would've been better if the woman playing Whitney with a death wish (is that a bit redundant?) could act, but the show actually felt nearly Whedonesque for the first time (Which shouldn't be the case- it IS a Mutant Enemy show,after all; but tonight actually had a bit of the ol Joss magic to it).

Short recap- Echo is assigned to be a bunnywoman to a vapid, self absorbed, narcissistic singer who is being stalked by a loon. This is implanted as a subconscious routine, she doesn't even know why she's compelled to protect Whitney.
Whedony twist: Whitney has pretty much made a suicide pact with the stalker- she wants to be assassinated on stage.
So we get a bit whiney with the whole "You don't understand my life" routine from the prima donna.
Echo somehow sees that the real danger to Whitney isn't the stalker: it's Whitney her own self. This leads Echo off-mission, and she figures out that the best way to save Whitney is to make her really fear for her life.

Clever, if a bit pat, exploration of the nature of fame and fandom.

This show could very well turn good. The problem is that it's a balancing act: The plots of each episode have to be compelling enough to hold interest long enough for the 'mythology' (oh, I HATE that word) aspects to hook an audience. This is quite a challenge when the characters portray OTHER characters from week to week.

That said, some interesting things are happening here. Echo thinks outside the box; the Dollhouse has a toy FBI agent that they can't resist stringing along...

The show finally feels like it's starting... third episode in.