TV Review: Dollhouse: Man on the Street

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Okay. Dollhouse got a bit of a ratings bounce last week, and if those viewers returned this week, boy did they get a treat. This 'mythology' (why oh why do they call story arc elements 'mythology'?) heavy episode pays off multiple elements and propels a new status quo forward.

And was it good? .

Quite frankly, this episode knocked my socks off, and I was still in my tennis shoes.

We learn a lot of cool things...

Seriously, go to and watch the episode. Really.

Are you still there? You've been warned!

There is a mole inside of this Dollhouse. And it's not just one Dollhouse, there are a LOT of Dollhouses with ties into every government and major organization. That although being a high tech whorehouse is their business, it's not their plan.

That would be an impressive amount of info for the average TV episode, but this Dollhouse gives you Ginsu knives (heh. Literally) besides:

The Dollhouse KNOWS that its process is not perfect, has nasty ways of getting rid of those it deems liabilities, and the mole can now use dolls to deliver messages.

But wait! There's Steakknives!

Mellie, Helo's cute neighbor/ flirt object is a doll (being the first one we've seen who doesn't look like an underwear model (She actually has curves!))
Helo. after getting the crap kicked out of him, gets kicked out of the FBI.

And we get a bit of how people on the street react to the "Urban Legend of the Dollhouse"

Okay. All the setup in the previous episodes was required in order to make this episode work so well--- but YEESH! Did it have to take this long? There's a lot to chew on here, and I'll need the other 'bots to help me process it.

Or maybe you can! Comment below, and let's see what we come up with!