TV REVIEW: "Chuck" : Chuck vs. the First Kill

Sam White
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This was a good episode and, easily, the most violent episode of “Chuck” I have ever seen.

In his quest to save his father from Fulcrum, Chuck enlists his ex-girlfriend (and betrayer) Jill (played by the pretty but frighteningly emaciated Jordana Brewster) who used to be (and may still be) a Fulcrum agent. Her idea is to get in touch with her Uncle Bernie, who isn’t really her uncle but is a hitman for Fulcrum. Bernie suspects something is up and has a heart attack while trying to kill Chuck. Chuck gets credit for his first kill. And we learn why the uncle was named Bernie when Chuck and Casey have to carry the overweight man out of a party while leading all the party-goers to believe Bernie is still alive for the weekend.

The side story is that Emmet is getting evaluated by the Buy More hierarchy. He convinced Morgan that if he—Emmet—is given a good evaluation he’ll get bumped to a bigger store and be out of Morgan’s hair for good. Morgan believes him and convinces the whole crew to make Emmet look amazingly good. In the process, he manages to make Big Mike look bad, leading to Emmet being made [spoiler alert] manager of the Buy More while Big Mike is demoted. Everyone at the Buy More considers Morgan a traitor for letting this happen.

That story was told as a parallel story to what’s going on with Chuck (one of their best efforts at having the Buy More crew be a counterpoint to the main story rather than just a distraction) in that—just as Morgan thinks he must trust someone he doesn’t normally trust (Emmet)—Chuck must trust somoe one he knows better than to trust: Jill. [Spoiler alert] Jill proves trustworthy—at least in this instance—but Emmet is not.

Chuck’s side of the story culminates in a shoot-out at a Fulcrum front building in which Sarah kills at least a dozen Fulcrum agents (with bloodless shots to the head) and Casey kills several himself. The final one he kills is in defense of Sarah’s life, but then he made a funny remark, which—IMHO—made Casey seem TOO crass.

[Final spoiler alert] General Beckman ordered the program shut down and the “asset” (Chuck) taken into custody. The last we saw of Chuck was Sarah warning him and trying to get him to safety while Casey goes after them.