TV REVIEW: "Chuck" : Chuck vs. the Colonel

Sam White
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When last we saw Chuck, he was escaping with Sarah because General Beckman had ordered the project terminated and the asset (Chuck) put under guard. This week started with (newly promoted to) Colonel John Casey going after Chuck and Sarah with orders to bring them back dead or alive.

Chuck and Sarah get to Barstow, CA, (which, according to popular music, is on Route 66) only to find that the location Chuck had flashed on as being his father's whereabouts is just an old abandoned drive-in. Thinking the flash must have been incorrect, a dejected Sarah and Chuck check into a nearby motel while trying to figure out what is going on. Meanwhile, underneath the drive-in, Chuck's father (Samuel Beckett) is feverishly working to complete an intersect for Fulcrum before Chevy Chase can kill him. While that's going on, Captain Awesome catches Casey going through Chuck's room. And while still all that's going on, Morgan accepts the position of Assistant Manager in an attempt to keep Emmet from firing Jester and humiliating Big Mike.

That was all in the first ten minutes. It's hard to write anything else without spoilers, so consider yourself warned.

Fifteen minutes before this episode was over, my wife and I were asking each other if this were the series finale as it seemed like almost every conceivable plot thread had been wound up. Morgan quit the Buy More, determined to go to Hawaii and pursue his dream of being a chef and Anna went with him. Chuck got his father back and got the Intersect out of his head. Chuck told Awesome he was a CIA operative and that Casey and Sarah were his handlers. Casey was offered his choice of new missions and Fulcrum's new intersect was destroyed (as far as we know) by American fighter jets carpet-bombing American soil.

It all happened so fast and was so well done, if not for the commercials the episode probably would have seemed to only be fifteen minutes long (as it was, it seemed like there were 3 hours of commercials as we waited between the various cliff-hanger/commercial breaks). Next week's advertised Series Finale promises to be just as fast-paced and interesting.

I should make note of the fact that Ronald Reagan got considerable screen time in this episode. Besides having a picture of our Greatest President on his desk (which we've seen before), John Casey also has a bronze bust of the Gipper (which can, apparently, be used as a weapon). Not sure if this were supposed to be a comment on anything or not. Casey was kind of the bad guy for much of the episode, but then his honor prevailed in such a way that allowed him to both defy Beckman and simultaneously meet her objectives.