TV REVIEW: Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Return of the Fearsome Fangs!

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Tonight we have a Hex visited upon us and meet a really, REAAALLLY obscure DC hero

Review ONE of Friday Fun Night

Mild spoilers ahead

The Teaser guest hero is Jonah Hex, facing execution from the Royal Flush Gang, special Western version. With no explanation... and none needed (I guess), Batman rescues him and they mop up the Royal Flush Gang, special Western version. Jonah Hex makes a crack about Batman's suit- Batman courteously avoids mentiioning either Hex's face or glass houses.
Roll Credits
After the credits, we see some animal themed ninjas and one of Batman's teachers, Wong Fei, who falls to treachery by aforementioned animal ninjas. In flashbacks, we learn that Batman and Official Obscure Hero, Bronze Tiger, were also animal themed ninjas along with the bad guys. OOOOOh. Instant history. Bronze Tiger is prideful, Bats is a rookie, the other three are jerks. Wong Fei really knows how to pick his students, apparently.

The McGuffin in this episode is a totem that mutates the animal theme ninjas (Maybe I should start capitalizing Animal Themed Ninjas, so I can stylistically and pseudo-hiply refer to them by an abbreviation later on...) Predictably, the bad guys mutate into anthropoid versions of their animal theme.
Yup. Bats and Bronze Tiger do it too...
Batman actually is pretty horribly disfigured as a Man-Bat- quite creepy but kind of cool.

Fight, fight, something something, Bronze Tiger is proud of the fact that he can swallow his pride...


Some notes.

We see the back of Bruce Wayne's head.
We see some origin-y stuff.
The Animal fight was kind of creepy-cool
But overall, not the best ep of the series.

Next week looks really good- some multiverse hopping and the Injustice Society (League)? We'll see negative versions of some heroes we've not seen yet....