TV REVIEW: Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Deadman

Bleeding Heart

Okay, there were some Easter Eggs in this one, and Republibot 36-24-36 caught most of 'em.

First, a review.

It was good, well paced fun. Covered some nifty origin stuff and was creepy without scaring Republibot 2.4.... Since he's seven, he's a pretty good creepy barometer.

Hm. I don't mean that he measures zombie atmospheric pressure.

Or maybe I do.

Short- Gentleman Ghost buries Batman alive, and so he enlists Green Arrow and Speedy and recruits Boston "Deadman" Brand in his disembodied battle.

Some pretty interesting Easter Eggs and inside jokes this time-

Batman get's clocked, literally, when Gentlemen Ghost slams him into Big Ben...
A man named Colin tried to reach his uncle ____ Baker in a seance (Colin Baker-- 6th Doctor)
When Green Arrow does his Batman impersonation, he uses the lines from Batman: The Animated Series (episode "Nothing to Fear") "I am Vengeance; I am the Night, I am Batman!" Green Arrow adds "And these are my Hammers of Justice" (which is rather Tick-ish)
Boston Brand was a trapeze artist with Hailey's Circus- the same outfit that employed the Flying Graysons
Speedy, after possession by Deadman utters the dreadful line "Holy involuntary acrobatics" and mimics the hand-in-fist made famous by Burt Ward in the '60's Batman series.

The humor was nice to balance the unusually dark episode-- although I'm looking forward to next week when we get both the classic Blue Beetle and the new Blue Beetle in one episode...

With transcription help from Republibot 2.0