Torchwood is back.

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In keeping with Republibot's fine tradition of reporting cutting edge genre news as it happens, here's a story the BBC announced 54 days ago: The both-kinds-of-gay series “Torchwood” is coming back for another season, the result of a three-way deal between BBC Wales, BBC Worldwide, and Starz.

This incarnation of the show will be a ten-episode fourth season, once again written and produced by Russel T. Davies, the man who not only brought Dr. Who back from the grave and made it really, really good, but who also stayed too long at the party, and made it kind of tedious again. I kid. In fact I’m terribly indebted to Mr. Davies, and the good he did definitely outweighs the bad. I think the bad is more noticeable simply because it’s all packed into the end there, but anyway…

Torchwood is another matter. Conceived of as a standalone show - a kind of sexed-up bisexual “Captain Scarlet and the Mysterions,” but without any Mysterions - it was later shoehorned into the Whoniverse somewhat uncomfortably, and despite an engaging premise, it’s never quite fit, nor has it ever quite worked, nor has it ever been quite coherent.

Season 3 was a miniseries called “Children of Earth” which actually was the best thing ever done with the series, tightly written, compelling, and creepy as heck, though it copped out a bit in the last chapter. That ended with most of the cast of Torchwood either dead or leaving Earth, with only a pregnant woman and her (non-Torchwood) husband staying behind. All of us here at the 'Bot do hope the show continues on in the vein of the miniseries' high standards, and if it does, we wish it a long and successful run.

This new series will feature the return of Captain Jack, and follow him and Gwen around not just Wales, but the rest of the world as well, including episodes in the United States.

Special thanks to Neorandomizer for pointing this out to me!

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