Tom DeSanto Talks About The Battlestar Galactica You Never Got To See

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Last week I showed you folks some test footage from the abortive Singer/DeSanto revival of Galactica from 2001/2002. That got me to poking around online, and I found this lengthy interview with DeSanto where he goes into great detail about the project, the cast, and his plans for it.

There's also lots of snazzy preproduction art from the series, too, and some SFX test footage

Part 1

Part 2
His take on the Cylons is pretty interesting, and a radical departure.

Part 3
The Ship of Lights discussed

Part 4

Part 5

I have to say that what I knew about their revival didn't really wow me, but after hearing this, wow, my heart is breaking that I never got to see any of this stuff.

If you were ever a fan of TOG, you really need to watch this.