THINGS WE'RE (Inexplicably) INTERESTED IN: "GI Joe Renegades"

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My mother's love has always been inexplicably tied to kickball, and my own has always been inexplicably tied to GI Joe. Let me emphasize that: Inexplicably. To make it worse, though the comics are by and large pretty good, I'm mostly just drawn to the cartoons, which are by and large mostly pretty bad.

It goes without saying, then, that I was gonna' be interested in this latest iteration of the franchise, but imagine my surprise when it turned out to actually look pretty clever!

I won't lie: there's a lot of low cards in this hand: Character design is terrible, animation is cheaper-looking than Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends (Which *did* have good character design), and of course there's some third obvious thing that I'm overlooking right now.

Just the same: Wow! Is that cool (In the most uncool possible way) or what?

A lot of my fellow conservatives - most in their mid-40s - railed against the live-action Joe movie a year back, inexplicably finding the films' NATO-Centric version disgraceful. I generally pointed and laughed at this, since most of these folks were openly talking about the Kung Fu Grip Joes, and were unaware the franchise has been rebooted and redefined a dozen times since then. It'll be interesting to see how that segment of our community responds to this iteration.