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This is really just a rumor, but AICN and several other sources are reporting (On hearsay) that Keanu Reeves is in talks with the Brothers Warchowski about two more Matrix films.

He also yammered about "Bill and Ted 3."

In both cases, the obvious question is "Why?" Well, money, I guess. Obviously, with their last couple films being expensive crap-outs, the only bullet that still might fire in the Warchowski's magazine is the one with the most name recognition. It totally makes sense for them to pull a "Godfather II" to get their careers going again.

But of course, for every Godfather II, there's a dozen Godfather IIIs that just take a crap all over everything (I'm overstating for comedic reasons. It wasn't that bad, but it certainly wasn't anywhere near the standards of the other two). Having been given pretty much carte blanche to do whatever they wanted in the previous two movies, and leaving audiences kinda' underwhelmed, do they really have anything new to justify a return to the franchise? And does anyone still care after all this time?

And don't even get me started on Bill and Ted 3. Because I might love it too much...

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PLEASE NOTE: For about a day there, a wildly circulating rumor said that there were two more "Matrix" sequels in the works. This has turned out to be completely untrue, and special thanks to Gin Rummy for pointing this out to us.

The following article - and its responses - went up before it had been debunked, and it basically is just my thoughts on the subject, effectively: "Why bother?"

I'm leaving it up here for completeness' sake, but there are NO MATRIX SEQUELS in the works.

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