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Is it just me, or is BBC America running more Science Fiction than Syfy? Fantasy, too, for that matter. I have no idea how long it'll take this series to actually reach our shores, but this is a really interesting looking show.

The premise, as best I can suss it out (See what I did there? I used British slang as though I were an anglophile or something) is that there's a planet called "Carpathia" that is marginally settled and rather isolated, and that some big disaster has overtaken earth. I know that sounds rather thin, but think of it like "Battlestar Galactica" if they'd really decided to follow the "New Caprica" arc through to some kind of logical completion before they brought back the incompetent lipstick lesbian cylons.

If you lose your home, *can* you start over again? It's an important question. Probably yes, but there's a point where people can be so displaced by the strangeness of a new environment that...well...settling in to a new world hasn't quite become cliche on TV yet. And the scenery (Shot in South Africa) is pretty eyepopping.

Check out this clip from the first episode:

And, yeah, that's Jamie "Apollo" Bamber from BSG.

Some behind the scenes stuff: