THINGS WE'RE DEFINITELY INTERESTED IN: "Love" by Angels And Airwaves (2011)

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Even as traditional television Science Fiction is kind of whithering and dying on the vine, we're living in the foothills of a golden age for high quality indie SF films. The flag-bearer for this is obviously Duncan Jones, with "Moon" and "Source Code." This is only right and fitting since his father is an alien anyway, but there are a number of other projects afoot.

One of the ones I've been following for a while now is a film called "Love," which, intriguingly, was written, produced, and scored by Angels And Airwaves, one of my favorite post-Emo bands.

This song by them actually worked its way into my novel:

The film will premier in California early next month, and will get a somewhat wider release in the spring. It'll go to DVD after that.

Here's a trailer:

So this is one we're Definitely interested in.