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Duncan Jones (I guess he doesn't want to be called "Zooey Bowie" anymore, and how can blame him?) made "Moon" a couple years back: A modestly-budgeted, cleverly filmed, very smart SF film. Granted, full enjoyment depended on people not noticing a couple pragmatic errors in the premise, but I can put that aside: It was a very good film, and just the sort of thing that geeks like me have been screaming for seemingly for a lifetime.

Since then, there's been a not-quite-clamor to jump on the modest-budget SF bandwagon with genre films that are more psychological than crash-boom-zwooshical. This is a good thing. SF in the movies has been the domain of addle-pated eleven year olds for far too long.

This film is *clearly* an entry in the sub-sub-sub genre Jones/Bowie started, though I don't think it's nearly as smart:

So, yeah, basically a thriller, but a nice tight claustrophobic thriller, and that thing on the horizon at 2:09 in the trailer? Yeah, it's a soviet moon lander! It was designed by the USSR, but never used once they abandoned their lunar program in the early '70s. Check it out: or check this out

Yeah, "Apollo 18" has totally got my love for throwing in an accurate bit of obscurity like that. Wow!

That said, I'd be remiss if I didn't pedantically point out that there *WAS* an Apollo 18 in 1975: It was our half of the Apollo/Soyuz Test Project