Things We’re Definitely Interested In: “Moon” by Zoey Bowie

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David Bowie’s son Zoey (Also known as “Duncan Jones” for obvious reasons) give us this to look forward to:

I gotta’ admit it looks pretty sweet, if perhaps a bit derivative.

Here’s some info about the film, which is due out in June

and here’s some info about Zoey himself

This isn't a spoiler because I havent' seen the film and have no idea what's going on but you know, if I had to make a prediction based on what we're seeing in the trailer here, I'd say that "Sam" is one of a series of clones with a false set of memories, the people on earth are just actors, and he's killed or dies when his 3-year term of services runs out. Somehow the system screws up and cranks out a new clone before the old one is retired. I could be wrong, of course...