Taking A Leak--Seriously

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In the movies, the threats to the astronauts are usually in the form of space monsters, rogue computers, psychopathic co-workers, or exotic forms of radiation.


Well, believe it or not, a little pinhole leak in your EVA suit's water-cooling system can pose just as much a threat to your life, as Italian astronaut  Luca Parmitano found out when over a liter of water began to accumulate inside his space suit during a space walk on Tuesday.  In microgravity, water tends to pool in weird places, like the back of your helmet, and since it sticks to you due to surface tension, it can ooze around until it can block your nose and mouth, which would cause you to drown in outer space.


The water in Luca's suit drenched his ears, eyes, and nose, and impaired his helmet communicator, but fortunately the astronauts are trained to deal with a wide variety of potential mishaps, and he was able to be brought back inside the International Space Station and safely extricated from his space suit.