Syfy axes Sanctuary

Charles H
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Here is some breaking news. The Hollywood Reporter confirms that after 4 seasons, the Sanctuary is no more.

Sanctuary started as a web show in 2007 and, due to its success, was picked up for television by Syfy. The series was innovative for its use of green screens and a RED camera. The series went through considerable changes over the years and was picking up steam at the end of season 4.

The cast and crew took to twitter to thank the fans and each other. Amanda Tapping (Magnus), Robin Dunne (Will), Ryan Robbins (Henry), and Robert Lawrenson (Declan) were all thankful for Sanctuary and the fans. According to Mark Stern, president of Syfy original content, they were “honored to have been part of this incredible series.”

This cancellation should open space for more reality series as Syfy is currently preparing reality shows over scripted series at a 6-to-1 ratio. Yea more collector and kitchen shows.

It would have been nice if Syfy was honored enough to give the show a final (even if abbreviated) season.

As Magnus might say (and as Amanda Tapping tweeted), “Bloody Hell!”

Bloody Hell indeed.