Still Sick As A Dog After Two Doctor's Visits On The Same Day Links.

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Too sick to think coherently today, so links instead. Much of it is rather old news, too. Sorry:

Remember Bob & Doug MacKenzie? Well they’re back! In Pog form! Well, not Pogs, actually, they’re coming back as a cartoon. This project has been bouncing around for a while, really since Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas tried to make a sequel to “Strange Brew” about a decade ago. The project fell through, and Moranis lost like a million bucks of his own money in the process. Since a movie wasn’t forthcoming, and they had a script and characters, they decided to try to start an adult cartoon. My 2002 DVD copy of “Brew” contains a flash-animated trailer for it that I guess was a proof of concept for potential broadcasters. Obviously, it wowed no one, because here we are at least 6 years later, and it’s now getting picked up, in somewhat amended form. (Not too terribly different, though, the clip I’m about to link you to involves some footage from the ’02 Trailer. So here it is: Alas, Rick Moranis won’t be lending his voice to it.
This is curious: The trailer for 1988’s Batman, and the trailer for 2008’s The Dark Knight, side by side. It’s like they came out of the same “Make your own trailer” template or something.
Japan is getting a probe to Venus going (Which sounds faintly obscene now that I think about it – “Jaxa to probe Venus’ Aphrodite Region” Yikes!) but here’s the details
This is pretty cool: It’s an official list of all the books, movies, and TV shows available for recreation on board the International Space Station at present. The most beautiful and interesting thing about this? There is NO G______ED STAR TREK on the station! No movies, no books, no episodes! I love that! I love that *real* astronauts have time for Lost and the Matrix trilogy, but can’t be bothered w/ crap like Trek! Yeah! My angry little world, vindicated!

Guillermo del Toro is officially the director of the Lord of the Rings prequels, with Peter Jackson producing. MTV has an interview w/ the new director discussing the project here
Well, on the one hand I’m happy that David Gerrold will finally make some money off of this, but on the other hand – am I the only one who’s dreading this big screen version of a Saturday morning kids’ show?
CBS news has been in a sad state of qualitative decline since Uncle Walter retired around 1982 or so. No one really noticed at the time as its ratings continued to increase, however around 1988, Dan Rather managed to create a ‘grand unification theory of amazingly biased crap reporting and ratings decline’ that continues conspicuously into our very day. I don’t know anyone who still watches CBS for news. Granted, I don’t know anyone under 60 who still watches TV Network News, but even the geriatrics don’t watch CBS anymore. That’s why I enjoyed this editorial suggesting the network should just shut that division down entirely
Wow, this is cool! How could I have missed out on this site for so long? Bear McCreary is the guy who does all the music for the new Battlestar Galactica series, and he’s got a website where he explains the process for each episode as they air, including even bits of the written scores. There’s a ton of spoilers on the site, so don’t go looking at it if you’re not caught up and current w/ the series, but it’s really pretty fascinating. He also does T2.5!
It’s been about a year since PBS ran its massive multi-part documentary on what life on a Navy Supercarrier is like, and a local station decided to run it again over the weekend. It’s called “Carrier” and man, I have to tell you it was a pretty astounding show. We’ve all seen war movies set on carriers, and of course fictional spacegoing carriers are pretty common too (Both Galactica series, f’rinstance), but man, you’ve just got no idea. The real thing is vastly, vastly more amazing. I really enjoyed the first 2 eps, despite my local PBS affiliate screwing up the HD (Yet again) so that the image was physically larger than my tv screen, so I lost an inch or two of the pictures on every side. But even w/ the messed up shot composition, it was pretty neat. I particularly liked this bit of dialog from some pilots, one was complaining about having to pay for his own food out of his paycheck, to which the second pilot responded: “If you wanted someone to pay for your food, I guess you should have joined the Air Force. Of course then you would have ended up married to a dude. AND you’d have to wear a scarf with your flight suit.”
Poor Nathan Fillion. Looks like he’s got himself a staring role in another TV series, which means that within a month after that he’ll be unemployed again. Honestly, the guy is like the Canadian version of Andy Richter. I note, however, that he does the voice for a “Sargent Reynolds” on “Halo 3.” But seriously, he’s had like 5 TV series in the last five years. He’s the Robert Urich of our generation…

Orson Scott Card just tears in to JK Rowling in this editorial, where he just rips apart her lawsuit against a guy who published a reference book for Harry Potter readers.
Hey! South of the Border made #3 on MSN’s list of the worst tourist traps in the world! Italy’s Blue Grotto came in at #6. I remember Dave Barry railing on about how much he despised that place 20 years ago Bourbon Street came in at # 11, which I totally disagree with, though, to be fair, I haven’t actually been there since Katrina. It might be all Disneyfied now, for all I know

Here’s an Expressionist-styled painting of Dr. Zoidberg

Assorted Geekery:
This is sorta’ snazzy if you were a fan of the original show 30 years ago: synopses of *unproduced* scripts from the ORIGINAL Battlestar Galactica (1979) Theoretically you can actually download the unproduced scripts here but typically I can’t get the damn thing to work.
Cooler still, Battlestarwiki has some decent screen captures of that massive high-tech Cylon Raider from the awful, awful, embarrassing Galactica: 1980 series. This is sorta’ snazzy if you were a fan of the original show 30 years ago: synopses of *unproduced* scripts from the ORIGINAL Battlestar Galactica (1979)
And here, I think is a shining example of why I wasn’t into comics in the 70s when all my little friends were – they were just stupid as hell. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…The Super Sons

Well, it’s official: China isn’t even remotely communist anymore. They’re just like us now, they’ll sell anything, even if it’s for using one hand to stab the other. All those “Free Tibet” flags you see on TV these days? They’re made in China I know I’ve felt this way for quite a while, nice to see there are others like me out there: