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So it's been a year or so now since Stargate: Universe, and by extension, the entire Stargate franchise, died. Time for us to become like Trekies in 1971 and start yammering on about minutia. America doesn't have a manned space program anymore, and we're in the middle of the second worst depression of all time, it's not like we've got anything else to do.

Here, I'll get us started:

When Rush dialed the Destiny back in episode 1, stranding the survivors of Icarus base on the ship, he said that they had only two options: Earth, or the ship. The reason they didn't dial earth was because - Rush said - the energy of the planetary explosion could travel through the wormhole and destroy earth.

The question that has been raised is, "Was he lying?" Most people think he was, since he wanted to go to Destiny, and screw what anyone else wanted. Well, I don't doubt that's what he wanted, but I don't think he was lying. I think his own interests just happened to coincide with what actually *was* best for everyone for a change.

I'll defend him in court, though I don't like him:

1) We've seen unstable wormholes blow up entire planets.
2) No one *ever* contested Rush's assessment of the situation on Icarus, and they questioned dang near every other decision he ever made.
3) There are at least a half-dozen people on the Destiny who'd know if Rush was lying: Brody, Park, Volker, Riley (A specialist in such things), Telford (Who was actually looking for things to complain about, and evidently didn't find one with Rush), and that annoying guy Lt. James punched in the face. Eli eventually knew enough about the gates to notice if Rush was lying after the fact (And he's spotted Rush's lies before.) Furthermore, there was a large team on earth pouring over the problem, who would have raised issue if Rush appeared to have been lying. As an example of this, When Rush lied about being unable to create a wormhole inside a star, they caught on quickly.
4) Rush *saved* 80 people who otherwise would have died, *including* three civilians and a United States Senator.
5) Rush avoided irresponsibly endangering Earth.
6) Rush salvaged years of work on the Icarus/Destiny project by using the last available opportunity to put a crew on the ship.
7) Rush's actions prevented the ship falling into the hands of the Lucian Alliance.

Innocent jerk, but still innocent.