"Stargate Universe" and "Dollhouse": Ah, bugger!

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Ah, bugger!

I've just realized that Dollhouse (Fox, Friday, 9PM) and Stargate Universe (Syfy, Friday, 9PM) have something in common. In deference to Trekies who might be reading this, I'll simply say "They're both on at the same time." (Trekies are notoriously bad at math)

Since I'm the guy who's assigned to review both shows, this is a problem. Not an insurmountable one, mind you, just an annoying one. I'm still gonna' review both shows, but unfortunately the SGU reviews will have to wait until Saturday afternoon. Dollhouse reviews will be - as ever - up as soon as possible after the show, generally within two hours or less, or your pizza's free. So, just so everyone will know, I *WILL* be reviewing Stargate, just not as promptly as I'd like for the next 13 weeks. After that, Dollhouse will be over again (And likely cancelled), and we'll never have to deal with this unseemly problem again.

It is irritating, though. I totally get why the networks do this kind of counterprogramming, and I'm not blaming anyone, just, you know, irritated.

'And why,' you ask, 'is he choosing to give Dollhouse priority?' Good question! I'm glad you asked: Dollhouse is the better show, and the one with an obviously shorter life span, more interesting SF/Philosophical questions about the nature of identity, life, the effect of technology on society, etc. All big red-letter important stuff, even if it is basically a show about a high-tech bordello. SGU is another show in an ongoing franchise which will obviously run 5 or 6 or 7 years, and while I love 'Gate, while I honestly believe it's the best 'planet of the week' show ever to come from an American mind, while I honestly believe it's thirty times the show crappy old Star Trek ever was, let's face it: their very premise predicates *avoiding* letting technology have any effect on society.

When it comes to a choice between counter-programmed SF shows, if we don't have enough people to cover 'em both simultaneously, then obviously the more thought-provoking of the shows will get precidence, even if (As in this case) it's not the one with the pretty, pretty space ships and swanky battle scenes. Dammit. We've got to do it this way, right? I mean, I'm content to cover Iron Man: Armored Adventures when there's nothing else on, but obviously we can't say "Hey, we take SF seriously" and then ignore the intellectual stuff for the pow-pow boom-bang stuff, now can we?

So the smarter stuff will *always* take precidence over the more lowbrow stuff here on the 'bot. We just thought you should know that.