SONG(oid) OF THE WEEK: "Back To The Egg Intro" by Paul McCartney and Wings (1979)

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Back around 1981 or so, my family and I were in San Francisco ("San Fransiske? How did you come? Did you flew or did you take a train?") on vacation, and I couldn't sleep for whatever reason that 13 year olds can't sleep. Bored, Hungry, Tired, Horny, Thirsty, Curious, whatever, I don't know. Anyway, in a strange town (And even if you're from there, San Fran is a strange town) I was up all night, but in the most boring way imaginable (lying on a couch-bed in the living room of my parent's timeshare, watching TV late at night with the volume turned waaaaaaaaaaaaaay down, and eating dry bred out of the fridge) when I saw...this.

It's not a song, exactly, but it's definitely SF: A band materializes via hokey special effects, then look through a window in the floor through which they see space and the earth, in hokey special effects. I was fascinated - and sleepy - and I watched for a while trying to make sense of it, but with no real luck. In those pre-MTV days, such things were a bit confusing, but it was basically music videos, or one long one, or whatever. I couldn't figure it out. I was reasonably sure it was Paul McCartney, however, and eventually he bored me to sleep.

Back at school after the break was over, I attempted to explain this to my friends, who had no idea whatsoever what I was talking about, and of course they couldn't understand it. Eventually, I recognized that the space dealie I'd seen was also an album cover, but as time progressed, I forgot the details, and spent the last twenty years or so trying - admittedly not very hard - to figure out what the hell it was I'd seen.

Eventually B.N.H. took pitty on me and pointed me to this:

and it turns out what I saw was a rebroadcast of a 1979 Paul McCartney special for the album "Back To The Egg."

So there! In your face, 8th Graders Who Thought I Was Nuts!