SONG OF THE WEEK: "The Troubled Spirit" from Space: 1999 (1976)

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This is the teaser for an episode of Space: 1999. Well worth a look for a bunch of reasons, most of which involve it being completely unlike anything else in the series:

We've got good direction, great cinematography (In all fairness, the cinematography of the series was pretty above average in the first season), a nice juxtoposition of the ultrafuturistic and the spooky, the *Really* neat wandering POV camera, and it's all synched nicely to the weird music.

Also the custom Sitar/Guitar is pretty cool. It was built for, owned by, and played in this scene by Big Jim Sullivan, a pretty famous British session guitarist they brought in for this stunt-cast cameo. It's pretty neat.

In addition to all that, we get the normal *good* Space: 1999 stuff: the SPRAWLING and frequently huge sets, interesting camera work, and possibly the world's greatest combover on Alan Carter. Yes, I know I listed cinematography twice.

If you'd never seen nor heard of the show, and you stumbled across this intro, you'd automatically think it's a great series. Then you'd see the rest of the episode, and any other episode, and you'd be sadly mistaken. But for four minutes and forty seconds, there'd still be magic in your world.

Maybe even five minutes and forty-three seconds, assuming you like the theme song