SONG OF THE WEEK: "Scream" by Michael and Janet Jackson (1995)

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I mentioned last week that "Express Yourself" was the third most expensive music video of all time, which prompted a flury of people who wanted to know what the most expensive one ever was, and were too lazy to just look it up for themselves. And here it is:

"Scream," released in 1995, was probably the exact point where MJ's career began to careen out of control. Though he had a couple albums after this one, and a number of singles which charted, I think this is the point where he flamed out, this is his "View to a Kill" moment, you know? You can demark a line through his career at this point, and everything before it is 'eccentric' and everything after is 'disturbingly crazy.'

This video cost $7 million bucks back in 1995, which, allowing for inflation, comes in at about 9.8 million dollars today. I can't figure where the money went - I mean, they've got a couple splitscreens, a revolving set, fine, those are costly, I'll throw a million your way, a fuzzy woman's sweater for Michael, sure, an extra couple of grand, and several of those annoying wobble-bobble ball toys bouncing around, and of course the CGI. I'll give you a million five. Two million if the Teamsters are involved in any capacity, but SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS? I can't figure out where the hell the money went. They must have been stapling it to the backs of the chairs and's insanity! I'll remind you that the original Star Wars was made for a mere $10 million back in 1977!

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(Ok, to be fair, $10 million in 1977 equals about $36 million now...)