SONG OF THE WEEK: "Knights of Cydonia" by Muse (2006)

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As we wrap up our first year of SF-themed music videos and songs here on the 'Bot, it's time to reflect on what we've learned: We've learned that (1) This feature is much more fun as a daily that no one really gives a damn about than it is as a weekly that I have to put some thought in to, (2) We've learned that there really is a hell of a hell of a hell of a lot of SF-themed music and videos out there, far more than I'd expected when I started this, and we've learned that (3) really expensive SF-music videos generally suck to a greater or lesser extent, whereas the cheap-crap ones are frequently golden.

A great example of this - and a great way to end out our year - is to stop with a song related to the song we started with back in May. This song was recorded by the father of one of the guys in Muse, and indeed the intro of today's song actually starts out with a kind of audio-hommage to the one above.

I'd caution you that there's some sacreligious, or possibly blasphemous lyrics in one verse. Also, check out the chick in the Erin Grey costume! Oh, and of course Cydonia is a region on Mars.

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I just love MUSE, they're one of my favorite bands at the moment. And that's it for 2009. Relax, and we'll see you again on the other side of the new year, ok?