SONG OF THE WEEK: "Home/Have you Seen The Stars Tonight?" By Jefferson Starship (1970)

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Back in September - 9/11, actually - Neorandomizer pointed this one out to me. It's from Jefferson Starship's more-or-less debut album (Under that name, anyway) from 1970, called "Blows Against the Empire."

This was a concept album. For those not familiar with progressive rock, that is an album who's songs are all unified by a common theme, or a storyline tying them all together, as, for instance, with Pink Floyd's "The Wall," or the first half of Rush's "2112." It was a popular format for a while, particularly in prog, where the musicians frequently felt constrained by the limitations of a three minute single. It still turned up frequently well into the '90s, though it had generally gone out of fashion by then.

Fair warning for anyone who might see this on the site and say "Oh, Republibot says this is fine:" we're not endorsing anything here, just pointing stuff out. That's our job. "Blows Against the Empire" was a wildly left-wing horribly anti-Christian tale of a buncha' filthy hippies who steal a starship and head off into interstellar space to found a commune or something revolving around the fairly standard hippie values of free love, drugs, and unshorn sisters of the apocalypse, all held together by a basic framework of hatred for everyone who doesn't hold their values. It was loosely based on "Methuselah's Children," by Robert Heinlein, who was into the whole "Free Love" Thing himself.


Thanks to Neo for pointing this out to us!