SONG OF THE WEEK: "Express Yourself" by Madonna (1989)

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Ok, I hate like damn to have to do this, I really do, but I've gotten a lot of requests for this one, so I'm putting it up here. Released in 1989 off her final album before she transformed herself in to some kind of bizarror-world repulsive B&D drag-queen swinger type, "Express Yourself" is openly, wildly based on Fritz Lang's 1927 SF Tour de Force, "Metropolis"

This is funny, as I doubt that's the kind of film Madge would ever bother watching, you know? In any event, it's an early female empowerment song, full of crotch-grabs, shirtless italian male model, and some eye-popping sets and nice cinematography.

While the song itself is a dawdle, they really broke the bank on the video, which had a budget of $5 million bucks twenty years ago. That would be about 8.7 million today, allowing for inflation. It's still the third most expensive one ever.

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