SONG OF THE WEEK: "Drowning in the Sea of Love" by The Adventures (1988)

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The Adventures were an interesting band. They had fairly solid, occasionally brooding songs, a big voice, a relatively complex sound, slick production, and their first album (in 1984) seemed like the kind of thing that woulda' shoulda' been huge alongside the successes of acts like "A-ha" and "Til Tuesday," but for whatever reason it never happened. Their long-in-the-making second album (Which produced this song) was well reviewed, and got a surprisingly strong push in the 'states, given that no one except me remembered their first album by that point. Still a good album, and one I really liked at the time, it was nevertheless a bit more adult contemporary/MOR than their first outing, and a bit disappointing because of that. Their third album was still enjoyable enough, but lacking most of the sparks of the first two. I know there's at least one or two more albums after that, but I don't think they were ever released in the US.

This video is for the title track off their sophomore album, which I've included here because of its inexplicably random space theme that pervades about a third of the footage - I mean, seriously, what the hell was the point of most of that imagery - and becuase, you know, it's still kind of listenable in a long-car-trip-in-the-80s-trying-to-find-something-your-folks-won't-immediately-hate-kind-of-way. The guy could sing, though.

or if that doesn't work, try here and riddle me this: what's up with those deliberately fake silver lame "Space Suits." They're both kinds of gay.