SONG OF THE WEEK: "Biff's Question Song" by Thomas F. Wilson (2006)

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Thomas F. Wilson (And for some reason I keep wanting to type that as "F. Thomas Wilson") Is probably best known as "Biff Tannen" and "Mad Dog Tannen" from the Back to the Future movies, but he's also got a ton of voice acting credits, and he's had a long standup comedy career as well. He's also an award-winning still life painter, and a surprisingly good singer/guitarist, as you can see in the clip below the jump.

I don't know this for a fact, but I've repeatedly heard over the years that he's a devout Christian as well, hence he never uses profanity in any of his roles.

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Despite all that, Mr. Wilson, if somehow you stumble across this entry on our modest little site, we would love to interview you. I *promise* we won't even ask any questions about the Back to the Future Trilogy, on my honor!

His official website is online here