SONG OF THE DAY: Should We Continue The Song of the Day Feature?

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Hi, everyone. We've been doing the "Song of the Day" feature on the site since May 31st, and while I've personally really enjoyed doing it, some of the other folks on staff here have complained that the feature is kind of overdone and overwhelming to our viewers. I've also received one or two complaints from visitors saying, "There's nothing more disappointing than coming to the site, and seeing it's just a bunch of video links," and "It tends to kind of hide your original content."

Personally, I love it. My goal was to showcase SF-influenced songs and SF-themed videos, and I've had a lot of fun tracking these things down and putting them up here, but if you guys hate it, if I'm just driving away visitors, then obviously I should knock it off.

So what I'd like to help me make up my mind is some feedback from you, the people who actually visit the site. Please sound off one way or another in the comments, or email me directly at - I'd like to know your suggestions: Should I continue the feature as is, should I knock it off? Should I continue the feature on a less-frequently updated basis? What?

We'll give this one a week off while you guys voice your opinions, and at the end of that time, we'll tabulate the votes and post the results next tuesday.

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