SONG OF THE DAY: "Rapture" by Blondie (1981)

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Yeah, it's a terrible video but what could be more SF than a song about an alien that comes to earth, eats people, and is defeated by his fear of guitars?

not at all interesting story about this video: As a kid, I never saw it aside from brief clips on "K-Tel" commercials. It never happened to be on MTV when I was watching through my teens, but people constantly told me I "Just missed it."

When I asked them to tell me about it, all they'd say - in typically incoherent teenager fashion - was "It was strange" or "It was unusual" or "I think there was an alien in it, in a top hat." So for a decade I got more and more frustrated wondering how it was that no one could describe the thing, and how I kept missing it.

Around 1989 or so I finally saw it and....well...."Utterly crappy" was never what I was expecting, you know? Still and all: many happy memories of speed-skating at 8th grade parties...