SONG OF THE DAY: "Mission: Magic!" by Rick Springfield (1973)

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Technically not SF but fantasy, but check this weirdness out:

This show was popular with all my little friends when I was around 6, but of course none of us knew or remembered the title, we just called it "Miss Tickle" after the protagonist lady. I remember being confused as to who "Rick" was. He showed up in every episode prominently, and sang a song as well as the theme, and it was like we were supposed to know who he was or something, but of course no one did.

The show was unpopular and disappeared and was forgotten, though occasionally I'd bring it up because I'm OCD as hell. "Do you remember that Miss Tickle" show?" No. I'd give my thin description, but no one had any clue what I was talking about. Later, in the 90s it got worse becasue everyone was assuming I was talking about "The Magic Schoolbus" (To which it does have some alarming similarities, frankly) Everyone just assumed I was halucinating. I get that a lot.

I'd been trying to explain the show to my wife - infrequently - for years, but she had no memory of the show from my crappy description of it. Eventually, I stumbled on this by mistake and instantly recognized it. I told the wife about it, and before I could even get close to finishing it she started singing the theme.

Turns out the magic word was "Rick Springfield Cartoon," she was an avid fan as a kid as well.

I briefly *did* hallucinate that this cartoon proved time travel possible - why else would somebody make a Rick Springfield Cartoon Vehicle before Rick was famous? Then I realized - duh - he was already famous in his native Australia, and they were hoping to promote him to the Tiger Beat set here.

Ah well.

This is probably the last of Rick for a while.

Got an SF song or SF music video you'd like to suggest? Well then do it already! I'm running out of ideas!