SONG OF THE DAY: "Dark Entwined With Darkness" by Scaramouche

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Tonight's episode of Batman:The Brave and The Bold is a musical, so in honor of that achievement (watch it; it isn't dreadful. Honest.), here are some relics from a previous attempt at a Batman musical.

Back about fifteen years ago, Warner's wanted to duplicate Disney's success on Broadway with adapting its various properties (Lion King, etc), so it commissioned a musical version of Batman; with the music to be written by long time Meatloaf collaborator, Jim Steinman.

It predictably fell to itty bitty pieces. But those fragments are very interesting, and inspired today's Song O' the [insert periodic statement here].

This is NOT STEINMAN's work. This is work inspired by the demos that Steinman released from the Batman musical project... so it falls in the fanfilm genre, sortof.

Anyway, here it is...

For those of you interested in hearing the Steinman demos, they are edited into this video: