Some Links for the day- and a question...

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I’ve got a ton of links for you here, but before we get to that, I’d like to ask you people a question: Which of the terms for female androids to you prefer? Fembot? Female Android? Gynoid? I’m disregarding “Sexbot” because that’s rather demeaning, and not all of them are built specifically for that purpose anyway. “Fembot” is acceptable, but sounds too ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ for me; “Female Android” is kinda’ clunky to use in a sentence. “Android” comes from the Greek word “Andros” meaning “man” and the suffix “-oid” meaing “In the shape of.” Given that etymology, “Gynoid” would be the most correct and accurate name for such things (“Gynos” being the Greek word for “Woman”), and I have no problem with it myself, but some people might be squeamish about it as it sounds a bit some kind of feminine hygiene product or – worse still – the kind of word they’d probably use over on the Pink Raygun site. Even so, I’ll use whichever word you folks can agree upon, provided it’s not horribly offensive. Sound off in the “Comments” below, and let me know which name you prefer, ok?

And now on to the links:
• The Good News: Pixar *Really Is* making that “John Carter of Mars” movie, and they’re well in to preproduction! The Bad News: They don’t seem to have any particular loyalty to or love for the story. (Although in their defence, there is a HELL of a lot of nudity in the stories. I can’t see them putting that in a Pixar film) I’m going to cut them a little leeway however, for two reasons (1) It’s Pixar, and (2) MTV is like the most annoying, irresponsible, ‘let’s misrepresent stuff just to stir up controversy’ so-called newservice this side. of…well…actually, they’re probably even worse than IO9, but it’s a close call, you know?
• Wow! Someone did a fanfilm/trailer for “Captain Harlock!” It doesn’t really work, but the audacity of such a thing really earns them points in my book! Speaking of which: as pointlessly and shamefully addicted to “Robotech” as I am, I’d never heard of this Harmony Gold “Robotechization” (Or “Bastardization,” if you prefer) until now, and I’m kind of glad of it. Wow, what a mess!
• Here’s a moderately funny online comic I’ve been following for a while
• Republibot 1.0 sent me this from the new Breitbart site – a very, very rude, but very funny song about a kneejerk liberal chick - – there’s no actual video on there, just the song and lyrics, and a lot of foul language. Funny, though.
• Gee, the whole “Racism” thing keeps following Prince Harry around, doesn’t it?
• Have superheroes become too liberal? “Yes,” says a prominent comics writer which is reaping the whirlwind over at the Onion AV Club and elsewhere (Check out the comments)
• This is a surprisingly flatly animated Disney “Educational” short from 1958 called “The Road Ahead” that told us what driving in the (Then) future would be like. It’s extremely “Jetsons” despite the fact that none of the cars fly. I love this retro-future crap check out that “Highly Specialized Pleasure Vehicle” that has a fireplace in it.
• If you’re ever feeling nostalgic about the 80s, this should cure you of it. It’s a kind of ipecac of the visual arts, a little something I like to call “The New Monkees”
• I’ve been told – repeatedly - that creating your own language from scratch is one of the early warning signs of sociopathy, but come on now, who among us hasn’t done it? Repeatedly?
• Steampunk alternate histories are one of those periodic trends of SF that sound cooler than they are in execution, but when you combine ‘em with giant fighting robots in 19th century America, it simultaneously becomes that much dumber and quite a bit cooler
• I was never really a fan of the much-hyped, little-watched “Farscape” show, but I thought Ben Browder and particularly Claudia Black brought a hell of a lot to Stargate: SG1 when they switched over to that series, so I’m happy to see they’re probably getting work these days I say “Probably” because I’m unclear if this webseries ever even aired. Did it? Does anyone know?
• It’s Quark! All 8 episodes were available online here until the DVDs came out, and now they appear to have been pulled. The show was a parody of SF in general, and Trek in specific, made in 1978 by Buck Henry, in an attempt to skewer the science fiction genre the same way “Get Smart” skewered the spy genre a decade earlier. I haven’t actually seen the damn thing since my Betamax died around 1982. Gosh, I hope it’s as funny as I remember. Probably not…[24 hours later]…definitely not. I’ve watched four of ‘em, and they’re pretty damn weak, though Richard Benjamin is much better than I remembered him being. This best of them is probably “Goodbye, Polumbus,” which has such lines as “It’s down in the sacred valley, just past the Rodenberry bush…” [More time passes] Actually, I think the final episode is the best, and it happened to be the only one I had on tape as a kid, so it’s the one I’ve seen the most time
• Once upon a time, in 1982, when Men Without Hats ruled the airwaves, Key West declared independence from the United States. (It’s kind of a Southern thing, I guess). Independence was largely a protest over the way the highway out to the island was being run, and they re-joined the Union a couple hours later. True story. Of course they’ve been bragging about it for the last 27 years, and it turns out they’ve started issuing some coins as tourist baubles! I want me some!
• I’m as obsessed with the minutia of American history as anyone is – actually, considerably moreso, really, in that I’ve spent several years trying to get a copy of the text of the Constitution of the Republic of West Florida, which existed for 90 days in 1810 – but even *I* think this is kinda’ whacky: I mean, check out that flag! I’m a big fan of the Bonnie Blue, and I’m even strangely fond of the unquestionably awkward 3rd National, but geez, that thing they’re flying is just ugly with a capital “Ugg”!
• Ho-ho! Now this is sweet: it’s a ‘cosmic train schedule’ of launch windows from earth to the inner planets, and from the inner planets to earth! Very handy for scientists, geeks, and aspiring science fiction writers. (And I happen to be all three)
• Laibach has their own imaginary state, their own passports, etc – check it out
• Lawrence Welk Presents: One Toke Over The Line, Sweet Jesus. Really!
• This has got to be the creepiest butter commercial of all time
• Here’s a list of remakes that were better than the original, including the new Galactica (Which I took a long time to warm up to, but dig now) – also, the Onion AV Club have redesigned their website to be less incomprehensible. The jury’s still out on wether or not it worked, though
• A surprisingly heartfelt reflection on youthful affection for Star Wars, before George Lucas went and ruined it for everyone