Smile For Cassini

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From Earth, Saturn is a tiny pale golden star in the night sky, even though it's the second-largest planet in our solar system. On Friday, the interplanetary probe Cassini took a portrait of a crescent Saturn with the Earth glittering as a tiny pale blue point of light over its back-lit rings.


The team in charge of Cassini turned the photo op into a world-wide event by trying to get folks to smile and wave toward Saturn at about the time the probe was snapping its photographs. 


OK, so the entire concept's a little bit goofy, and makes no sense except to people who want to get together in parks and have an excuse for smiling and waving and otherwise having fun, but the images Cassini's sent back are really pretty beautiful.


Actually, come to think of it, so's a bunch of people standing in parks, smiling and waving and otherwise having fun.