Shatner does Palin and Palin does Shatner, but neither of 'em get naked, oddly enough.

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This isn't strictly speaking Science Fiction per-se, but it's too enjoyably weird to pass up. And it's a slow day, so I thought, "What the heck?"

Back in July, when Sarah Palin resigned as governor of Alaska, she gave a speech that many in both parties found to be rambling and incoherent. Conan O'Brien got William Shatner - who "Just hangs out backstage" - to do a dramatic recitation of it in his own Shatnerian style, which you can watch here

There've been a few of these "Shatner does Palin" things since, but last nights was pretty darn funny because, well, watch it and see

Keep an eye on Bill's face when Palin comes out. He's clearly surprised and knowing Conan's style of comedy (The Burt Ward incident still kills me!), I'm pretty sure he didn't tell Shatner that Palin was going to come out, and he sure as heck didn't tell Bill that she was going to do a dramatic recitation of Shatner's *Own* book. He's clearly very uncomfortable with what's going on.

To his credit, he rolls with it and plays it off as a gag, but it's very very clear that he didn't know it was coming.

My, she is awfully tan for an Alaskan chick, isn't she?

Special thanks to for pointing this one out to me.