Set Taxpayers to "Stunned!"

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Apparently, the Internal Revenue Service made a Star Trek based training video. The set doesn't look too bad. (Though the navigation console looks terrible.) But, they mixed up the uniforms very badly, and Mr. Spock's hair looks like it was from a child's plastic halloween mask.

The different stations look pretty good from the shots availble. But it looks as if they used computer screens for the individual displays. That must have cost a bundle.

While I can't find the actual video, the story apparently has the Enterprise visiting the planet "Notax" where the civilization has fallen into Anarchy.
(I guess No Tax would be defined as anarchy by IRS Bureaucrats...)

I gather they also did a Gilligan's Island parody. My guess is that revenue agents come after Mr. Howell, guns a-blazin.

Set Taxpayers to "Stunned!"

Your tax dollars at work!

News story about the video.

Here's a text news story with better photos: