Sanctuary: “Fugue” (Season 4, Episode 8)

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Is it Glee? No. Is it American Idol? No. It is Sanctuary: The Musical!

Sanctuary, a Syfy channel series, follows Helen Magnus and her team as they track and try to protect Abnormals, things not human or animal.

The show opens with Helen, Will, and Declan as they try to subdue an abnormal. Having no luck with normal stun guns, Helen goes for the Big Gun. The abnormal is stunned unconscious and turns into Abby Corrigan, FBI agent and Will’s girlfriend.

Abby has been taken over by an unknown abnormal. She is unresponsive to all of Helen’s treatments and Will is frustrated. Will is waiting at her side when Declan comes to watch over Abby. Will won’t leave her side. Declan plays some music to help calm Will. Abby awakens and starts singing questions about what is going on. Will and Declan try to talk to her but Abby cannot understand speech.

Helen scans Abby and determines that changes taking place have caused Abby to only respond to certain frequencies. In order to communicate with Abby, she must be sung to.

Henry and Gavin, Abby’s partner, are backtracking Abby’s and Gavin’s steps before she was infected. They discover a cocoon and take it back to Helen at the Sanctuary.

The cocoon housed a new parasite. The parasite was created by Abnormals that are working to take over the human population. Abby is a test subject. If successful, the parasites will be released to infect the humans.

Will is hesitant to sing but his concern for Abby causes him to sing to her while she lies in the infirmary. He sings “just stay.” Abby wakes up only it is not Abby. It is the abnormal. She tries to man-handle Will. As she has him pinned against the bed. Helen and Declan come in and subdue her.

Will falls asleep by Abby’s side. He wakes and she is gone. He finds her on the roof preparing to jump. They sing together and confess their love for each other. He wants her to stay; she is afraid of what she is becoming and jumps. She jumps. As she falls, the abnormal takes over and lands safely. Helen is waiting at ground level and stuns the abnormal/Abby.

Helen retires to the study to learn more. She imagines her father, he signs as she works. After much research, Helen determines if they place a small creature in Abby, the parasite will take the creature and leave Abby alone. Helen reasons, a small creature would put up less of a fight. The only problem is once the parasite takes over the creature it will burst out of Abby rather violently. Will does not like the idea. She says there is no other way. Will is determined to stop the procedure.

Helen has Declan and Henry put Will into a cell until the operation is over. Henry stands guard and tells Will he is letting his emotions get the best of him. Gavin busts Will out.

Will rushes to the infirmary as Helen and Declan operate. The procedure seems to working only must faster than Helen planned. The new creature bursts out of Abby’s stomach and is captured. Abby flat-lines. Will falls to the ground singing “just stay”. Helen and Declan are able to save Abby.

Will and Helen have a talk. He thanks her but tells her the procedure should not have happened. He says she refuses to compromise. She says that is the same reason she selected him to be her successor.

I would rate this episode 9 Abnormals out of 10. Excellent.

Stray Thoughts:
· The title, “Fugue”, means both a musical composition and a disturbed state of consciousness. Both definitions work with this episode.
· The musical numbers work well within the story and don’t feel forced.
· Everyone had fine singing voices.
· The Kindler, Tapping, & Wood bakery with the slogan “Nice Buns” – HA!
· Is a rift developing between Helen and Will?
· A special Tuesday episode this week following a special Tuesday Smackdown.
· Anyone else watch / enjoy Sanctuary.

Will conservatives like this?

Don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t.