RETROSPECULATIVE TV: Star Blazers: "Paladin" (Season 1, Episode 6)

Bleeding Heart

Episode Six plays out like a quick stop off at a Chevron on a long road trip. The crew is running out of a substance called “Titanite” and they need to stop off at one of Saturn’s moons named Titan to get some, which makes sense because everyone knows Titanite can only be found on Titan. The problem is the moon Titan is one of Jupiter’s moons – not Saturn’s, but let’s not let astronomy get in the way of this great story line.

The episode opens up with a recap of what is going on in this show. Gamillons attack Earth, humans have one hope: Hot Space Chick tells the desperate humans what they need to do to survive. 148 thousand light year road trip. Blah blah blah haven’t we heard all of this before?

The ship has lost gravity and is starting to lose system functions and they cannot be restored until they get the Titanite. Captain Avatar sends two parties down to the planet to look for and recover the Titanite. One group with cargo ships headed up by some guy I can’t remember and I thought he would die like on the old episodes of Star Trek, but in Star Blazers people are not that disposable. The other party is Wildstar, Nova, and the robot IQ9. The Gamillons find out what the crew is doing on Titan and send down a group to cause difficulties for the crew. The Gamillons also reveal some of their true intentions; they want to experiment on the Humans. This of course is something we have always thought aliens would do to us and this episode validates every fear we have of this.

Wildstar, Nova, and IQ9 are on Titan and you start to get a sense that IQ9 has a crush on Nova and does not like Wildstar because of Nova’s obvious attraction to Wildstar. The sexual tension in this episode is approaching New Battlestar Galactica levels. While the group is on the planet searching for the illusive Titanite, the Gamillons send in some space tanks to capture them. After a quick battle between a tank and Wildstar, IQ9 does a little showing off for Nova by lifting up the other tank with his bare robot hands. He is like a robotic version of Jersey Shores’ The Situation... wait that is redundant... Regardless, Nova is duly impressed.

Wildstar finds a space pistol in the ice. It’s his dead brother’s pistol. That’s right his dead brother lost his pistol on Titan. This causes Wildstar to look for his brother’s ship. They find the ship. It crashed landed on Titan after the battle in the first episode when Alex Wildstar sacrificed his life to save Captain Avatar and his group. Wildstar searches but finds no evidence that anyone survived. Now this does lead me to believe that his brother is still alive and we will have an emotional reunion in a few episodes.

They get all the Titanite they need and head back to the ship, were Wildstar finds an upset Captain. You see Wildstar disobeyed the captain’s orders when he was on Titan. Everyone on the ship is divided over this. Some think Wildstar was wrong for disobeying the Captain, while others think they would not have found the Titanite if it weren’t for Wildstars rogue behavior.

The Captain confronts Wildstar but to my amazement he is not upset over Wildstar’s disobedience but he wanted to talk about Wildstar’s brother Alex. This scene shows the fatherly aspects of Captain Avatar.

Only 359 Days left!

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