Republibot 3.0 (aka Kevin Long) is now on Smashwords

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Republibot 3.0 (now known publicly as Kevin Long) asked me to post this info here for y'all to have since he closed the R3 posting account.

Up until now both of the books by R3 have only been available on Amazon/Kindle. (First one and second one )

There are, however, several other E-reader formats for virtual books and he's basically been neglecting them up until now due to his massive technical ineptitude. (His words, not mine) That's done, though. As of this morning, both his anthologies were posted on Smashwords!

Ice Cream and Venom:
The Undead at War (And other stories):

And here's his main "author" page

So, if you were interested in reading them but didn't have Kindle, there are now other options. Buy a freakin' copy already! Tell your friends, spread the word. We've even dropped the price a buck in celebration! Smashwords publishes formats for iPod/iPhone, B&N Nook, Sony reader, and most any device using the Android O/S.

Also, he's just wrapped up his third book, which I posted online this afternoon. EDIT: And now the third book is available on Smashwords and Amazon.
It's Not Rocket Science:

Thanks for your attention.