REALSPACE: SpaceX has Falcon 9 and Dragon waiting on USAF

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SpaceX has its new Falcon 9 sitting on the pad at Cape Canaveral waiting for the Air Force to certify its destruct package. The company states that they are ready to launch any time from May 11 2009 on.

This launch will test both the new Falcon 9 booster and the Dragon reusable supply ship for the ISS. SpaceX has a contract with NASA to use the Dragon for the American resupply commitment. The Dragon can also be reconfigured for manned flight but that has not been tested as of yet.

We will have to see if the Air Force will certify the Falcon 9 by May 11, in the past the USAF has waited until just days before the scheduled launch date to give its OK. If the administration is serious about letting private companies give the USA its low Earth orbit capability then they need to get the Falcon 9 into the air.