REAL SCIENCE: The Cure For Global Warming

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Who'd'a thunk it?  Apparently, volcanoes put enough sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere over the last ten years to slow the predicted effects of "global warming." 


It seems that the particulates and such from volcanoes doing what volcanoes have been doing since the dawn of time has reflected the sunlight so that the atmosphere hasn't warmed up nearly as much as the environmentalist doomsayers had been hoping--er, anticipating, it would.


This inconvenient truth comes as a double disappointment for them, since they were hoping--er, expecting--to find that the increased burning of dirty coal by India and China would be the culprit that was "masking" the effects of "man made" global warming.  Of course they needed a human-caused reason to be the scapegoat for why their climate predictions are off.


Maybe they ought to stop relying so much on their computer modelled predictions and start letting the planet do what it does best--which is maintain its own equilibrium.  There were warming trends and ice ages long before humankind showed up with our factories and our SUVs.